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We Specialize in Beginners

Beginner Programs

All of our programs are structured with the beginner always in mind here at Pu’u Muay Thai Santa Barbara! Our completely structured curriculum is something we have used to develop people of all ages and sizes to become proficient martial artists! This is why we say we, “Specialize In Beginners”!


You will learn to have a new sense of respect for others which will be developed through training. This is a HUGE benefit for our kids as well as adults who are looking for this as well here at Pu’u Muay Thai Santa Barbara

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a martial art that was developed on the battlefields of Thailand during a time of warfare in South East Asia and is practiced now for fitness, self-defense, and combat sports.

Muay Thai has gained a lot of popularity over the years and has come to have some amazing benefits for people of all ages to practice! Our programs are built with the beginner in mind!

“My daughter started training in Dec of 2019 with Coach Ryan and let me say it has been a pleasure. The kindness and patience Ryan has shown my daughter and I has been great. We have definitely felt welcomed by Ryan and his class. He’s never short on the effort he puts into the class. Always stressing the importance of core fundamentals and technique. But at the same time keeping it fun and fresh. I strongly recommend to anyone who is interested in a fun but yet challenging way of fitness, to give Puu Muay Thai Santa Barbara a shot.”

Anthony Sarabia, Parent

“Not only did I love going to the classes and getting better at Muay Thai but I loved the people and the supportive environment. Everyone is encouraging and Coach Ryan spends time with each individual while juggling the class. It's been great to challenge myself with learning something new while hanging out with amazing people. Great stress reliever while having fun!”

Ajia Orozco, Adult Student


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Kids Program

Our kids programs start as young as 4 years old! This program has a focus on: Respect, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Focus as well as making new friends in a safe, fun & structured learning environment! We have a complete curriculum with character development & self-defense skills that are taught on an age-appropriate level for your child.


Adults Program

Our Adult Programs are all structured with the beginner in mind! We all start as a beginner and build on our fundamentals to become a champion. Our structured approach has many benefits such as: stress relief, getting stronger, building confidence, and learning a new skill! Muay Thai is known for being a very direct form of self-defense as well.


Private Lessons

Looking to expand on your training while training with us or to supplement your training regime outside of our academy? Look no further! We offer structured private lessons with our certified Muay Thai instructors to help you achieve your goals.

Authentic Muay Thai

Gain Confidence

Muay Thai is a great tool to help increase your confidence! As you begin your training with us at Pu’u Muay Thai Santa Barbara, you will learn to make your body stronger while focusing on developing a skill that will benefit you for years to come! You will feel stronger & more confident as you continue to train with us!

Learn Focus

Muay Thai is a martial art that will help you to develop focus through training. Our coaches here at Pu’u Muay Thai Santa Barbara will be with you through every step to help you focus on your goals and focus on your training to achieve your goals.

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